Thursday, September 07, 2006

Baseline KIller Case: Phoenix Police Make Arrest


PHOENIX (AP) -- Police investigating eight deadly attacks blamed on the "Baseline Killer" have arrested a man in two 2005 sexual assaults connected to the case, authorities said Thursday.
Police have forensic evidence to connect Mark Goudeau, 42, to two sexual assaults that occurred on Sept. 20, Phoenix Police Chief Jack Harris said. "This suspect has been arrested for the sexual assault of two victims in one case only and is not connected to any of the other offenses in this series at this time," Harris said.


The "Baseline Killer" has been linked to 23 crimes in the Phoenix metropolitan area dating to August 2005, including eight killings. The crimes also include 11 sexual assaults of women and young girls and several robberies. The earliest crimes occurred along Phoenix's Baseline Road, where the name "Baseline Killer" originated.

It's too early to know if a serial killer has been arrested or not. Until they do know beyond a reasonable doubt, we must assume the risk from the Baseline Killer isn't over. To some people cases like this justify ignoring or dismissing less physically violent sexual crimes, but that would be a mistake.

I believe it's better to stop rapists and sexual abusers early rather than waiting until some of them become sexual killers. Serial killers aren't born, they are made from a mixture of adopted attitudes, rationalizations and previous actions. They are a reflection of the worst part of our society.

Whenever people say victims were asking for it, they feed the rationalizations of rapists and murderers.

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