Friday, September 22, 2006

Everything You Wanted To Know About Sex But Were Afraid To Laugh


A sex education film that is edgy, explicit and controversial may be coming to a high school health class near you. "Oh my God! It's Captain Condom!" said an actor in the film.

The teenage cast members of the local Youth Performance Company created the film, called "The Talk". They hope school districts see it as a fresh 21st century approach to sex education, but it may be a difficult sell. "It's a comedy for teens and it's, you know, a casual way for them to be comfortable with it and it really open doorways," said "The Talk" writer Ty Thompson.

"The Talk" movie also opens a can of worms for those hesitant to consider a new approach to a touchy subject. "Kids are going to see a lot worse than that," said Thompson. "This is a way that it's educational and they're learning from it."

With so much sexual content out there for teens' consumption, much of it slanted by marketeers of everything from T-shirts to porn, it would be a shame if accurate information is rejected because it isn't boring, moralizing or frightening.

For those who assume that lack of sexual education will equal lack of bad sexual behavior, I know of no evidence making that connection.

Frankly, I don't think the connection exists since most sex offenders who have taken court mandated sex education classes in my area tended to be under-educated sexually with their greatest ignorance being in the area of sexual boundaries.

Watch the story including clips from The Talk

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