Sunday, September 24, 2006

Evidence Lost In John Mark Karr Child Porn Case

When the news broke that John Mark Karr's DNA didn't match the evidence at the JonBenet Ramsey crime scene, all the news reports indicated that the pending child porn case in California would ensure that John Mark Karr would become a registered sex offender. The prosecutors there had the evidence against him and he left California before the case could be tried.

It seemed like a slam dunk.

Since by Mr. Karr's own admission he's obsessed with the violent sexualized death of a child and he generally seemed obsessed with young children, this man isn't someone who should be dismissed as a harmless crackpot. That was one of the reasons the Boulder DA decided bring him back to the US.

But the easy conviction doesn't look so easy now that the prosecutors in California offered him a plea deal on the same day they admitted they had lost the computer containing child pornography. They have copies of the images but likely because of that lost evidence Mr. Karr's attorney rejected the plea deal.

If this were someone who only sexualized young children this case would be disturbing to me but when you add in an obsession with the JonBenet Ramsey murder case and his embracing of notoriety, I believe this man is more than disturbing.

He's a real danger.

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