Thursday, September 28, 2006

How Dare Women's Shelters Try To Keep Men From Their Wives

That's the position of many people who characterize women's shelters as places where women get help from feminazis in their schemes to harm their husbands.

Well, one of those husbands wouldn't let a pesky women's shelter stop him from exercising his marital rights and is now wanted on murder charges. Poor thing.


Bonnie Woodring, 48, moved into the shelter after that attack. In court records, she said her husband "keeps tabs on where I am 24/7" and had threatened her 13-year-old son from a previous relationship. On Sept. 18, her husband, armed with a shotgun, pushed past a staff worker who was leaving the shelter for the night, then shot his wife in the kitchen, investigators said.


Woodring is considered armed and dangerous, authorities have said.

Despite the number of women who are murdered by a significant other or ex, some people continue to deny that feminist activists who run or support women's shelters are responding to a real problem. When cases like this make the news, all they seem to be able to say is, "men are abused too."

Like that cancels out the trend of violence against women.

Men are abused. And the last type of equality I want is to see an increase in violence by women against men until we reach a bloody form of parity. One man brutally slayed for each woman dragged to her death.

The best way to deal with all forms of abuse is to stand up against the most prevalent forms of abuse and make it clear there is no excuse for abuse. In many of the most common cases, the abuser has rationalized the situation until he sees himself as the victim of his victim. His cup runneth over with external reasons for his actions.

Those who blame the woman or feminists or the system for his violence might as well be standing over that man's cup with a hose, keeping his cup of excuses full 24/7. If he starts to see the truth of what he's done, too many people are eager to rush in and tell him that taking responsibility for his actions is nothing more than feminist brainwashing.

What surprises me is how many people continue to insist that this type of violence is either a private matter or something that only feminists should be working against. If more of us get involved and if fighting violence was no longer considered radical, fewer women, fewer children and fewer men would be hurt by domestic and sexual violence.

But many seem to prefer denial to solutions and want to pretend that marriage and the 2-parent family is as magical as their favorite movie.

I lived in denial for too long so I understand it's allure. Sometimes we all want to close our eyes and wish all the bad stuff away. Unfortunately, those who do bad stuff tend to see all those closed eyes as a good reason to keep on keeping on.

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