Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Pardon Me Bush Is This The Catch-N-U-Spy-N Boo Boo

I only wish the idea that Republican members of the Senate are rushing to give President Bush a pardon were a lame pun instead of a dangerous precedent.

If this pardon passes, illegal will be the new legal.

Using this strategy, Watergate would have been solved by simply accusing the Democratic National Committee of subversive activity and explaining that the break-in at the Watergate Hotel was a necessary form of warrantless monitoring and that the Congress was negligent in viewing any of that activity as illegal in the first place.

It turns those attempting to enforce the law into the real culprits, not those who ignored the law.

Much of what Bush wants undone was put in place because of abuse by politicians and political operatives in the Nixon administration. I don't want checks and balances to be nothing more than things that go into bank accounts and the size of those bank accounts, respectively.

The biggest lie that these pro-warrantless wiretapping proponents are telling is that those of us who are concerned about the legality and ethics of domestic spying are against monitoring suspicious activity. Actually, what I and many others want is more monitoring, not less.

We want people to snoop (those activist judges) on the snoopers to make sure they aren't snooping for personal or political gain over those they view as political enemies. We also want to make sure that the obsessions of those who authorize snooping (gays or godless liberals) doesn't consume all the available resources and leave some groups which are planning violent acts undetected.

Monitoring must be based on evidence-based risk of violence, not on ideology.

I don't want another foreign terrorist attack but neither do I want another homegrown terrorist attack. But by the rising level of violence against judges, I don't have great confidence that the next domestic terrorist group who pines for the good old days in America is being taken seriously by anyone who controls the resources of homeland security.

Then there's the fact that many who are labeled 'tax and spend' liberals don't want to waste millions of government dollars on paranoia-based programs.
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