Saturday, October 14, 2006

Bashing Feministing To Prove That Men Are The Real Victims

In the comments on the Huffington Post: Feministing: Feminist? Or Just -Ing? Hujo wrote:

The only genre modern feminism can now survive in is the glib shallow meaningless genre of pop culture, because in reality feminism in the western world is now largley irrelevant.

Here is an example of typical illogical feminist demagogy.

In the year 2006, men are less healthy, less educated, more likely to be homeless, more suicidal, men are punished more harshly for the same crimes as women, women's life spans increase while men's decreases, men have the least rights as a parent, title IX is now discriminating against men's sports teams in schools, and DOUBLE GENDER DV surveys indicate men are just a likely to be the victim of dv and feminists call this the privileged class.

I cant help but wonder how many successful women we would have in America if less would spend the energy of their youth being anti-male in the "poor dear" club for middle class university educated girls. These types of feminists are interested in your money, not bettering you, they have no real stance on issues, they are constantly contradicting themselves, within the same week even within the same paragraph, they want to use the demagogy of the day to make money manipulating your emotions. If you care about women convince your daughters avoid the life wasting, society declining, indoctrination of women's studies and get a real education, this is how they can avoid being a victim.

Time to except that feminism is now doing more harm than good and time to stop giving glib anti-male super victims our time and money.

I won't say that the HuffPost article about Feministing created this reaction since those who share this opinion look for any and every opportunity to deride feminists while painting men as the real victims.

Talk about a pity party.

What sort of warped thinking can cause this man to feel that fighting violence against girls and women is irrelevant? Even if men are subject to some level of domestic violence (verbal abuse on up) at the same overall rates as women, it's the women who are being sent to the hospital or the morgue at far greater rates. If that isn't a problem then it implies that he believes the women deserved the greater level of violence.

If this man really wants to help girls and young women avoid becoming victims, he should work to keep his fellow men from committing rape and other forms of violence against women. He might find that men who are less violent toward women will also be less violent toward other men and themselves. And if men learn how to interact with women in less violent ways it may have a surprising effect on domestic violence directed at men as well as making family court a much more friendly place.

These anti-feminists would be a lot more credible without the all too common disappearances and murders of young women like University of Vermont senior Michelle Gardner-Quinn.

But, hey, we need to focus on more important non-feminist issues such as the fact that men's college sports are less dominant than they were before the rise of feminism.

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At October 14, 2006 9:38 AM, Blogger brian said...

Good Morning,

I wasn't aware that being a feminist was anti-male or that females were suddenly all in power. I must have missed the female president, the CEO's that are all woman, the sudden cessation of all rape and abuse of girls. Am I missing something here?

As a male blogger who has an all female readership from ages 18 to 60 and writes another blog in a woman's voice I find it interesting that men feel the need to be defensive about woman's rights.

At October 14, 2006 1:03 PM, Anonymous cooper said...

I don't read "Feministing" routinely and agree to some degree - with the post at the Huffington, although a post such as that is a waste of time as far as I'm concerned.

The comment however is abhorrent, but not atypical of what I see and hear from a lot of males who for some reason think of themselves as victims and victimized by feminism.

There are a multitude of societal issues which are the root cause of this commenter’s dissatisfaction, none which are addressed by the commenter, because for some reason women are just easier to blame.


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