Monday, October 30, 2006

Do Millionaire Scum Deserve Their Taxcuts?


WEST PALM BEACH, Florida (Court TV) -- A millionaire on trial for plotting his ex-wife's murder interrupted the proceedings Tuesday by loudly threatening the prosecution's star witness and calling him "despicable scum of the earth."

The outburst came on the second day of testimony in the murder trial of Ronald Samuels, 58, who is accused of hiring four men to kill Heather Grossman on October 14, 1997. "I'll meet you in hell, you son of a bitch," Samuels yelled at the witness, who is the admitted gunman. "I'll find you one way or another."

The witness Roger Runyon admitted firing a high-powered rifle at the defendant's ex-wife and her second husband, John Grossman, and was granted immunity in exchange for his testimony. He responded to Samuels just as the jury was entering the courtroom. "You're right," Runyon said. "I will go to hell, and you will see me there."

This story caught my eye because of how it contrasts to all of the Republican ads I've been seeing lately lauding the goodness of all those who have a high enough income to benefit the most from President Bush's precious tax cuts and that are trying to convince me that I will be hurting all these good people and all those they help if I vote for the Democratic candidates for the US House and Senate.

A few of the people highlighted in the ads seem like they should be nominated for sainthood.

Why would I want to vote for someone who wants to hurt the saintly?

This raises the question about what type of people are most likely to benefit from the so-called entitlement programs the Republicans oppose. Are they bad people? That's the implication from the Republican ads.

This image of rich = good and poor = bad is very dangerous in that it allows those who exploit others with fewer resources to rationalize their actions. Rather than seeing anyone trapped in poverty, the poorest are seen as not deserving better.

I wonder how much this image contributes to the recent trend of groups of teens attacking the homeless and sometimes murdering them.

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At October 30, 2006 11:09 AM, Blogger Gracchi said...

Intriguingly its also very unChristian- didn't Christ say something about rich men and eyes of needles. I'm not a Christian but aren't the Republicans supposed to be.


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