Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How Can A Group Be Pro Life When Those They Want To Shut Down Need Bulletproof Glass?

The experience Biting Beaver had at a Planned Parenthood clinic to end her pregnancy contrasts starkly to the experience I had after my rape decades ago. The clinic I went to had zero security and nobody in town, no matter their belief about abortion, was likely to mount a violent offensive against the clinic.

With all of the myths I heard back then not one of them equaled the one Bill O'Reilly, the Vulture Warrior put forth that women can't die from a medical condition if they carry to term. Pregnancy had risks back then and it still has risks today.

If entering the PP clinic had required me to go through a gauntlet of protesters, I wouldn't have done so. For the pro-lifers who think they could have saved a life if they had started their sieges sooner, they would be wrong. My rape didn't result in pregnancy, but without PP I don't know how long I would have had the torment of not knowing and the fear that I'd have to marry my rapist.

I don't know what I would have done if faced with pregnancy from rape. Any choice would have been traumatic. It's a very real possibility that I might have seen all of the pro-life options as unbearable. My state of mind was fragile at best and it would have taken very little for the torment to seem insurmountable.

Like the rapists, those who believe they have the right to take women's choices away from them turn girls and women into vessels that are less than fully human. Often the use of statistics to show how few abortions might ever be "medically necessary" reduces girls and women to nothing more than data.

In many ways the rabid pro-lifers remind me of the rabid animal rights activists. In both cases the lives of breathing people are reduced to caricatures whose lives and work can be trampled on while the protection of fetuses and animals, respectively are all that matter.

I wonder if people such as Bill O'Reilly actually like people in general. Do they appreciate the complexities and messiness of life? Do they understand or practice true compassion?

If the answer to the last 2 questions is no then fetuses may seem like the only human life forms worthy of compassion. That would be very sad indeed.

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