Sunday, October 22, 2006

Man Makes False Sex Offender Allegation Through Flyers

When most people talk about false allegations related to sex crimes they are referring to girls and women who go to the police to report a rape. The term false allegation is often used before there is evidence that the accusation was indeed false.

But vindictive use of lies about sex crimes is by no means limited to one gender.

WCCO: False Sex Offender Flyers Ruin Family Name

Flyers posted in a Twin Cities neighborhood are warning of a sexual offender, but it's all a lie. In a quiet Highland Park neighborhood, everyone was surprised to see a flyer warning that a neighbor named Richard Wexler was a sexual predator. The flyers were false. Investigators think a disgruntled man was trying to defame a health department worker.
Because of the stigma attached to someone on a sex offender list this sort of action may become more common. And since the police have only narrowed the suspect down to being a man who failed a health department background check, the person who did this may not get caught.

False allegations made outside of the criminal justice system have the potential of being a far greater threat than alleged victims who make their claims to law enforcement will ever be.

The police won't react to a false allegation by breaking into a neighbor's house and stabbing the neighbor to death.

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