Saturday, October 14, 2006

Rapper DMX Sued Over Claim That He Was Raped

The mother of DMX's child is suing the rapper over statements he made in an interview that he hadn't cheated on his wife to produce a child with another woman, the child was a product of rape.

His rape.

Washington Post

DMX gave his now-infamous interview to Sister 2 Sister magazine with his wife, Tashera, sitting by his side. Bet he'll bring his lawyer next time.

A Maryland woman whose child was fathered by the rapper sued him yesterday in Prince George's County Circuit Court for his claim in the interview that she had "raped" him in his sleep. Monique Wayne , 25, is seeking $6 million for defamation, false statements and "unreasonable publicity" to her private life, according to a copy of the suit provided by her lawyers.

It's interesting that those who are usually the quickest to declare rape allegations false and who rant about how we have to clear the accused's name ASAP, without waiting for charges to be filed or for all the details to come out, have been silent on this case as far as I can tell.

I suspect the silence exists because speaking up on this allegation doesn't feed into the rabid anti-rape victim mentality that casts female alleged rape victims as women out to destroy innocent men. Speaking out against this allegation does nothing to deny that women and girls are getting raped by boys and men they know or interact with. Unlike the Duke rape case, this case doesn't tap into a well of deep anti-feminist resentment.

Who knows, some of those who refuse to believe most women when they say they were raped may accept DMX's story since they see men as the victims of predatory women that feminism has let on the loose in our society.

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At October 14, 2006 11:25 AM, Blogger RachelsTavern said...

Whoa, how could I have missed this story the first time around. Unfortunately, DMX is a really troubled person, aside from this whole rape allegation.


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