Friday, October 13, 2006

Using Rape In Political Telemarketing

Scare tactics and hard sell are inexcusable in any telemarketing program, but the Republican candidate for governer of Mass. excuses them anyway while attempting to make it sound like those in her campaign who are hammering at voters so they will believe that the Democrat running against her is pro-rape (for defending a rapist 23 years ago) are acting all on their own.

Worcester Telegram

WORCESTER— Lt. Gov. Kerry Healey [of Mass.] said yesterday that she will tone down calls from her campaign phone banks to voters pushing the controversy over her Democratic opponent’s involvement in the Benjamin LaGuer rape case, after a complaint from a Worcester woman who said she was offended by an overbearing campaign call to her home. Irene Stone-Smith, 84, said she received an unsolicited call Tuesday from the Healey for Governor campaign during which a man aggressively questioned her views on the violent rape involved in the LaGuer case, seeking support for Ms. Healey.


Ms. Healey, however, did not apologize for upsetting the woman who received the call or take direct responsibility for the call.


“We will have to make sure that that is not a topic that is broached with people, without them wanting to talk about crime issues,” Ms. Healey said.

So her adjustment is that those making calls from her phone bank won't try to exploit a violent rape unless someone they call says they are concerned about crime? If voters are scared, her campaign will then attempt to make it seem like all the imprisoned rapists will be set free if she isn't elected?

If a candidate has to resort to these tactics to prove that she is anti-crime, she can't have anything substantial to say about her ability to deal effectively with crime. Yelling that you are tough on crime tells me that you only have one tactic for all aspects of fighting crime.


I may not agree with the tactics used by all defense teams in rape cases, but the mere act of defending rapists is not only not wrong, it is a necessary element in keeping our society free. Without defense attorneys we'd be living in a police state.

I don't want to live in a police state.

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