Friday, October 27, 2006

Why I See Ant-Gay Activists as Manipulators

When I saw the Washington Post headline: Religious Conservatives Cheer Ruling on Gays as Wake-Up Call I wasn't surprised at all.

Frankly, gays are being used as a handy political tool that can distract conservative voters from every other issue that impacts them except abortion. This exploits those who are demonized and exploits those who are vulnerable to political manipulation because they assume that they are getting messages from people who have absolute integrity.

[Tony] Perkins agreed, saying that he "had long anticipated a bad ruling from New Jersey" and was glad that it occurred in time for voters to see the "very real and present danger" that same-sex marriage could spread.
Yes, that's right gay marriage must be a bigger danger than terrorism.

Attacking gays and abortion rights is easy, solving complicated issues where nobody can be demonized is hard.
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