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A Glimpse Into The LIfe Of A Sex Offender

Holly at Fight To Stop Violence received an email explaining why a sex offender was treated unfairly which reveals quite a bit about how sex offenders and their defenders think. In addition, she received an anonymous comment on her post Update on sex offender Brian Kastel, which I have included portions of with permission.
What the comment reveals could be true of any number of sex offenders.

UPDATE: Brian had his hearing on Tuesday and the Judge revolked his probation because of the positive results of a random drug test. The results were positive for marijuana, Diazepam (Valium) and trace amounts of cocaine. The level of valium in his blood (according to the probation officer who testified at the hearing) indicated that Brain had taken 5 to 10mg's approx. one hour before his schedueled monthly meeting with his probation officer. [omitted more details related to drugs]
This is of particular interest when drug use is a precurser to offending. In the most effective probationary programs, the parole officers know what that offender does in the build up to reoffending and tailor the restrictions based accordingly.

No child pornography was found in his apartment or on his computer hard drive. A police officer testified the drive had recently been formated and no forensics could be done on either his personal computer or what was described as "an older laptop" because the laptop was missing the hard drive.
If this was meant to show innocence, it does the opposite. A normal format doesn't wipe the hard disk so clean no old data can be retrieved.

He said they also found several hundred printed pictures of young girls and boys approx. 6 to 10 years old clipped mostly from catalogs and store circulars. He said the children appear to be mostly disabled and were fully clothed in the pictures or in bathing suits and are not illegal but the probation officer testified that "it demonstates Mr. Kastel's continueing interest in minor disabled childen" and he said it looked like some of the photo's were several years old and a number of them appear to have been folded as if to fit in a wallet.
This is typical of sex offenders to collect what to most of us are innocent pictures and when collected like this, they are as significant as finding child porn.

He also said a pair of binoculars, rolls of duct tape and a telescope though not illegal also raises questions about their intended use. 3 digital camera's [more info on items belonging to offender]
Again, depending on the sex offenders MO, duct tape should be on the banned list.

Brian did not testify but his public defender read a short note from a former landlord that basically said Brian was friendly and in the 4 months he rented from him he was always on time with the rent. The lady prosecuter asked to look at the letter. After comparing the dates she said to the judge that Brian's rent was paid for by a check from HRS sent directly to the landlord on the 3rd day of each month and Brian was never late paying the rent because he didn't pay rent, the state paid it for him. [...]
With sex offenders who lure victims in, friendliness is meaningless to show that the offender is not a danger to others since they use their friendliness as a tool.

Anyone interested in donating to Brian's support fund is invited to visit [...]
This is what really caught my eye. After reading about the failed drug test, the hard disk that had been wiped clean and all the pictures of children, I was expecting a call to keep this man from being released and instead discover that the comment was meant to convince people that this man had his parole denied unfairly.

What this comment shows me (whether it meant to or not) is that intensive supervision for paroled sex offenders can identify those at the greatest risk by knowing what to look for and then having the resources to keep checking so they can respond to that risk without waiting for the next victim to come forward.

And that's a good thing.

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At November 27, 2006 12:50 PM, Blogger Holly Desimone said...

Dear Marcella,
Thank you once again for helping with this story, it is important for people to know this network of predators is dangerous. Take care Marcella

At December 04, 2006 9:30 AM, Blogger DweamGoiL said...

On my blog I also received similar information to persuade me to think differently of sexual offenders and to perhaps have me sympathize with their plight. All the information I was presented with did not change my mind nor was any of it from any substantial source. It was all simply hearsay citing some ambiguous study after another that demonstrated how young sexual offenders would not reoffend if given love and guidance.

Somehow this was mixed in with the argument as to the age of consent for teens. I found this particularly disturbing since it seemed as if an offender or prospective offender was seeking to justify his attraction for children. That to me is very very scary and does nothing more than reassure me that people like this will reoffend if given the chance despite whatever nameless data they are citing.

At January 10, 2007 9:13 AM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

ADMIN: I received an email from Brian Kastel (or someone claiming to be him) today disputing the accuracy of the comment writer's reporting of his parole hearing. He claims to be the victim of vigilanteism.

Both the original comment and this latest email are hearsay and should be viewed in that light.

At January 26, 2007 4:23 AM, Blogger Mike Schuler said...

Brian Kastel is a very dangerous criminal. His current probation officer describes him as being "diabolically clever" and "as devious" as any violent sexual predator in the Florida registry. I know personally that there is no level that Kastel won't stoop to. He's admitted to sex crimes that he was never punished for including burglary in order to molest a neighbor's 4 year old in their own bedroom at night. He has a history of armed robbery as well.

His PO said that he used a program that corrupted each file as it deleted it in order to prevent the files from being recovered. He admitted to his therapist that he had been downloading and viewing child porn, but without the physical evidence from the hard drive, the prosecutor decided not pursue additional charges.

Again, Brian Kastel is a very dangerous criminal and cannot be trusted with anything.


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