Thursday, November 16, 2006

NJ Man Charged With 1972 Rape Murder of 6 Year Old Brother

ABC News

In 1972, the body of a 6-year-old boy was found in the cab of a water truck at a construction site, nude and battered. He had been raped, stabbed and strangled. Thirty-four years later, the boy's brother has been charged with his murder, and on Tuesday, a third sibling, Michael Barbarino, called on his family to help investigators prosecute him.


County Prosecutor John Molinelli said Monday at a news conference announcing Joseph Barbarino's arrest that the teenager lured his younger brother to a construction site intending to sexually assault him. There was evidence of a struggle and the child's body was found in the cab of a water truck, he said. An autopsy indicated Vincent Barbarino had been stabbed numerous times and his skull had been fractured. Molinelli said the elder Barbarino had been raping the child for "quite some time."

This case is sickening and the only good thing is that it wasn't forgotten or written off as unsolvable. The man charged with this crime was 15 at the time of the crime and it's unknown whether he will be prosecuted under adult statutes.

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At November 17, 2006 5:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I grew up with this family in Lodi. They were the pariahs of the town. The children were unsupervised and often ran the streets all hours of the night. There were 7 children in all. At the time of the murders, Joeseph "Joe Joe" was 15, Peter 14, Anthony 12, Vincent 6, Michael 3, and fraternal twin girls Ann Marie & Mary Ann were 2. I am the same age as Michael. I socialized with the youngest of the siblings, at the Lodi Boys & Girls Club. Even as a child, I can remember it being a very unwell kept secret that Joe Joe sexually molested and murdered 6 year old Vincent. This entire family knew the details of Vincent's death. Each one of those surviving siblings, including Joe Joe has shared their involvement and what they knew with confidants. It is too hard to keep a secret that haunts you. Details of the family involvement and cover up quickly spread through out the community of our generation. There were rumors of mutilation & castration. One account says Vincent refused to be sodomized and faught back. Apparently, autopsy results showed the boy had been being molested for quite some time. Police reports from that evening note marks on Michael's neck and evidence he may have been sexually asaulted as well. Another account places all the Barbarino boys at the scene with the motive being jealousy because Vincent was the favored son. Joe Joe killed him while the others looked on. Peter led the Police to Vincent's body. It has been long known that the family has a first hand account of exactly who killed Vincent and that they have protected that person all along. After killing Vincent, he went on to continue to rape Michael. Although they have not said so, I can imaging that he also raped Mary Ann & Ann Marie. I can understand defending your brother but what about defending little Vincent. I commend Michael for coming forward with the truth. Shame on the rest of them for continuing the lie.

At July 25, 2007 11:50 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you Marcella. We never forget and no case is ever closed.
John L. Molinelli, Bergen County Prosecutor 7.25.2007


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