Monday, November 20, 2006

People Who Refuse To Believe Certain Rape Scenarios Enable The Rape Scenarios They Do Believe

Even though many people refuse to see all rape scenarios as real rape, I know some of those people believe as they do out of ignorance about what it takes to give true consent.

Those who insist that certain scenarios can't rise to the level of rape are supporting beliefs that can allow someone to rationalize the types of rapes they do believe constitute real rape.

The rationalizations can go something like this:

  • She's asking for it by letting me be alone with her.
  • If she says no, I can keep asking until I get the answer I want or she bolts.
  • I can do anything short of physical violence to keep her from bolting.
  • It's not like she's a virgin or anything.
  • Maybe she is a virgin but the way she advertises herself she's just waiting for someone to show her what she's missing and she's obviously not going to ask for what she wants.
  • If she doesn't try to scratch me or claw at my eyes as I make my moves, it's not rape.
  • If there are no outside witnesses, it's just her word against mine and in a dispute the defendant always wins.
  • It's not like I threatened to kill her or even said anything outright threatening.
  • She could leave if she really wanted to.
  • So what if she is incapacitated. She let herself get that way so she could rationalize having sex.
  • All men do everything they can to get sex. That's just how the world works. Feminists want to deny reality by playing the victim.
  • If she ends up with bruises, it's just a sign we had enthusiastic sex.
  • Women are responsible for their own bodies. Her having sex is not my responsibility even if I'm making all the moves.
  • Everyone knows women often feel so guilty after having spontanious sex that they lie to themselves and others by calling themselves victims of rape.
Once the rationalizations begin and are supported by other people, it gets easier to include rationalizations that those other people would never support like kidnapping a victim off the street (she's on the prowl or she wouldn't be out alone this late).

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