Friday, November 03, 2006

Study Reveals Flaws In Conservative Push For Abstinence Only Outside of Marriage As Disease Prevention


Researchers also found that married people have the most sex, reporting engaging in sexual activity in the previous four weeks more frequently than single people. There has also been a gradual shift to delay marriage, even in developing countries.

While that has meant a predictable rise in the rates of premarital sex, experts say this doesn't necessarily translate into more dangerous behavior. In some instances, married women may be at more risk than single women.

"A single woman is more able to negotiate safe sex in certain circumstances than a married woman," says van Look, who points out that married women in Africa and Asia are often threatened by unfaithful husbands who frequent prostitutes.

This has, or should have, serious implications on the planned educational push to encourage young adults to get married before having sex. If this young adult abstinence education is like what's offered to teens then adults will be educated without any information on how to prevent pregnancy or disease.

The official governmental rationale is that push isn't religious, but a matter of disease prevention. But this study indicates that choosing marriage over careful non-married sexual activity may actually put women at greater risk than many of their so-called immoral sisters who are educated in disease reduction and birth control.

And if marrying an evangelical Christian leader is no guarantee that the sex you are having with your husband is safe sex how can those who push this agenda do so from any perspective other than religion?

Combine that with the old view that women are the property of their husbands and you've got a very dangerous mix.

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At November 03, 2006 10:18 PM, Blogger Gracchi said...

Really interesting article- can I ask a question presumably what the abstinence person would argue is that its promiscuity that causes the high infection rate so if you stop that no matter how high the unsafe sex in marriage its ok. Are there any studies though strictly of the transmission of the disease in these societies- I'd imagine because of affairs and prostitutes it would still be high and probably higher thanks to unsafe sex but what's the evidence.


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