Friday, November 03, 2006

Undercover Officer Rescues Child Hours After Abuse Sent Via Webcam


A man who was sexually abusing a young girl in his home was arrested after he transmitted images of the assault via the Internet to an undercover detective, police said Thursday. The girl, a preschooler, was rescued two hours later in what Toronto police's child exploitation unit said was its first case of observing a live assault.

"My first reaction was that I wanted to reach through the monitor and grab the child," said Detective Paul Krawczyk, the undercover officer who witnessed the alleged assault Sunday. He alerted police in St. Thomas, a city in southwestern Ontario where police believed the man lived, and they were able to track him down in two hours.

"To see this child and look that child in the eyes and realize that the child was live somewhere, being abused, we had to save the child right then," Krawczyk said at a news conference. "The minute we realized what was happening, we went as fast as we could."

I'm thrilled that a police operation was able to make such a significant difference and that the police were able to track the webcam broadcast so they could get that child out of that horrific situation.

This thrilled me even more:

"The message to all pedophiles, and people who want to sexually exploit children on the Internet is that we are on the Internet 24/7, we know where you are and we will find you," Krawczyk said.
Go get 'em!

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posted by Marcella Chester @ 11:19 AM   2 comments links to this post


At November 03, 2006 10:16 PM, Blogger Gracchi said...

Yes typically I agree with you- lets hope that more go down soon and lets also hope that we get a better idea of why people turn to paedophilia and are able through treatment to stop them doing so- sorry commenting late at night that might be a bit Brave New Worldish. But lets hope we get them.

At November 05, 2006 10:46 PM, Blogger Holly Desimone said...

Dear Marcella,
I have not hope that these sicko's can be helped! Just too many of them hurting children. As a society we are failing to protect children and it hard to see more stories of millions of children online at sites to be exploited. Take care
Great post!
Sincerely Holly Desimone


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