Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Arrest Made in Ipswich Serial Murder Case

NY Times

Mr. Stephens was arrested but not charged with the murders early on Monday at the apartment where he lived alone in a modest settlement in Trimley St. Martin, a village near Felixstowe in eastern England. [...] "I'm a friend of all the girls," the suspect, Mr. Stephens, said in a lengthy interview with the Sunday Mirror, in which he said he had visited about 50 prostitutes over the past year since his eight-year marriage broke down.

"I was closest to Tania. And Gemma as well. I was close to others as well. But I should have been there to look over them." He went on: "I don’t have alibis for some of the times, actually I’m not entirely sure I have tight alibis for any of the times. But I’m not worried about being charged. I’m innocent." The Sunday Mirror reported that he sobbed "uncontrollably" when he said the women "trusted me so much."

"Gemma and Tania, the ones I was closest to, are the best looking girls who do this in Ipswich. In fact, they were probably the top five. [...]"

It may take a while to see if this man is the person who has been dubbed the Suffolk Strangler or if he is someone who got swept up in the media attention. However, if this man turns out to be nothing more than a media hound, I hope the police can determine that quickly so they can continue looking for the real murderer.

From an interview I saw with a woman who knew him it sounds like he presented himself as someone interested in their safety. Depending on how that was expressed it could be a projection of his awareness that they were not safe with him.

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