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Carnival Against Sexual Violence 15

Welcome to the Jan. 15, 2006 edition of the carnival against sexual violence.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a post or who wrote a post against sexual violence whether it was nominated/selected or not. Nominations that came in after the nomination deadline will be considered for the next edition of the carnival.

If you support the purpose of the carnival, you can help get the word out about it and all of the posts included in the carnival. Something I saw for the first time was a comment suggesting that a post be nominated for the carnival. That's a great way of letting a blogger know you appreciated what they wrote and think it deserves to be highlighted.

Here are the selections for the 15th edition of the carnival against sexual violence:

personal stories

In Miss Celie's Blues posted at elle, abd, we learn how the song from The Color Purple relates to one woman's life experiences including childhood sexual abuse.

In Give Me Life, Give Me Pain, Give Me Myself Again posted at Fit of Pique, we get a very personal story about all the ripple effects of rape and how different events and responses can impact a survivor's life.

In How to tell a rape victim posted at F-Words, we get Sara's story of her experience with date rape, and how the "fate worse than death" idea kept her from recognizing it as rape because it hadn't completely broken her.

In Faces of Grief: Remembering Sue Weiland posted at Dragon Slayer, we get the personal account of the author's meeting with the family of Sue Weiland who was murdered in August, but who has yet to be buried since her body is being held as evidence. Her alleged killer, Peter Whyte pled not guilty at his arraignment. The trial is slated to begin on May 7, 2007.

In Sarah de Vries was a precocious, energetic child, and a creative, beautiful grown-up, her family says posted at Missing People, we get information about the woman who was the focus of the book "Missing Sarah" by Maggie de Vries.

In NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN by Lori Culbert REMEMBER the Missing and Murdered Women! posted at Why Holly's Fight to Stop Violence, we get a glimpse into the lives of three women whom Port Coquitlam pig farmer Robert (Willie) Pickton is accused of killing. His first trial on six murder charges starts Jan. 22.

In AIUK : Blog: A day in the life... posted at 16 Days. 16 Women., we get an entry to Amnesty's 16 Days Blog which is part of Amnesty's Stop Violence Against Women Campaign.

creative expression

In Poem written by Shelly Hallmark for her sister, Helen posted at Missing People, we get a heartfelt expression of love for a woman who died too soon and who shouldn't have been murdered.


In Getting Past Rape By Forgiving The Rapist? posted at Abyss2hope, I discuss the dark side of forgiving a rapist and suggest a different approach for rape survivors who who are told they can't get past what happened to them until they forgive their rapist.

In Domestic Violence Toward Women: Recognize The Patterns And Seek Help posted at SANCTUARY FOR THE ABUSED, we get information from experts that shows that domestic abuse is about more then anger.


In Rape cases doomed by errors posted at Your Town Tonight, we get information on DNA matches that sat unreported until the statute of limitations ran out.

In Files on criminals left 'sitting on desks' Home Secretary John Reid in dark over blunder! posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we learn about a Home Office blunder which may have allowed criminals who committed serious crimes abroad to escape vetting procedures in the UK. The Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) disclosed that information on convictions was left "sitting in desk files" in the Home Office rather than being properly examined. The cases included 25 Britons convicted of rape in other European countries whose details were not entered into the Police National Computer.

In Turkey to introduce prison terms for domestic violence posted at Why Holly's Fight to Stop Violence, we learn about this draft legislation which was passed by the parliamentary committee for justice and which has to be voted on by the parliament.

media watch

In "Feminist" Rape Apologists posted at Feministe, we get a discussion of an article that says women who go out at night are putting themselves as risk of rape until they get back to the safety of their own homes.

In Dear Ladies: Please Stop Getting Yourselves Raped posted at Shakespeare's Sister, we get a discussion of an article's habit of mentioning rape without talking about rapists.

In Because it bears repeating posted at Reclusive Leftist, we learn more about 'The Rape of Mr. Smith" dialogue including the fact that the original version was published in the American Bar Association Journal in 1975.

In Rewriting a poorly written article posted at Screaming Into The Void, we get to see how an article about a woman fighting for justice should have been written to present the victim in the proper manner.

In Lessons from a molecatcher's daughter posted at Why Holly's Fight to Stop Violence, we get an article by Jonathan Kay about how a two-centuries-old murder case and the source of the first true crime bestseller relates to the dangers currently faced by street prostitutes of being taken away, murdered and having nobody know what happened.

raising awareness

In Real consent manifesto posted at Pandagon, we get a explicit discussion based on a question asked of sex columnist Dan Savage about a boyfriend's sexual behavior that put the woman in the hospital. Mr. Savage told her that the boyfriend committed rape and suggested she press charges. The comment thread has some victim blaming, but it also has some insightful comments about boundary setting and how personal responsibility belongs to the person with the most power.

In 'Asking for it', 'Had to have it', 'Ugly enough to be unafraid of it', And Other Rape Myths posted at Mad Sheila Musings, we get a discussion of rape myths that support the link between appearance and the risk of rape or sexual assault.

In Better to ask forgiveness than permission posted at Ginmar, we get a discussion of how this phrase shows premeditation and that rape is never an accident.

In Prostitution is Sexual Violence posted at SANCTUARY FOR THE ABUSED, we get an article written by Melissa Farley Ph. D., a research and clinical psychologist who edited the book Prostitution, Trafficking, and Traumatic Stress.

In False accusations of rape/sexual assault posted at 2 B Sophora, we get a reaction to the statement that men are rightfully afraid of false rape accusations.

In 'First global serial killer' had addiction to girls posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we get an article by Catherine Jones about how a series of murderous attacks on the South Wales coast were linked to the rape and murder of a Cornish schoolgirl Caroline Dickinson in France. The total number of killings linked to this man, a Spanish waiter, is estimated at 24.

In NUMBERS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE CASES GROWS! posted at Why Holly's Fight to Stop Violence, we get a discussion about the alarming number of wives and girlfriends who are dying at the hands of so-called "loved ones."

In FIGHTING BACK posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we get a list of resources and links to help people know where to turn.


In Sexuality and Identity posted at GT, we get one man's insight into what messages, intentional or unintentional, taught him as a boy how a man should behave sexually including the need to act in way that nobody could label as gay.

In Take My C*nt, Please (letter U replaced by me and not the author of this post) posted at Shakespeare's Sister, we get a discussion of men's analogy between women walking unaccompanied and men walking around with $50 bills hanging from every pocket.


In Milgram's Rapists And Rape Apologists posted at Abyss2hope, I discuss how the dynamics that contribute to people agreeing to give dangerous electrical shocks also contribute to rape.

In Treatment of Sex Offenders posted at Sex Crimes, we learn some key differences between regular therapy and sex offender therapy.

In Number One Cause of Rape: Rapists posted at Reclusive Leftist, we get the raw truth that many people go to great lengths to avoid.

In Empathy, Boundaries, and Getting Dirty posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, we get one therapist's insight into the dynamics of telling the therapist and significant others about their trauma.

In One woman's disappearance became a focus posted at Missing People, we get an article by Doug Ward about how the effort to raise awareness about his missing friend and other women who disappeared from Vancouver Canada led to stories in the media about missing women which eventually led to at least one alleged murderer being charged.


In In Case of Emergency: Cell Phone Tip for Paramedics posted at Dragon Slayer, we get information about adding ICE (In Case of Emergency) to your cell phone address book.

That concludes the 15th edition of the carnival against sexual violence. Thank you for taking the time to visit this carnival and thank you to the authors of all the posts included in this edition.

The next submission deadline is Jan. 29 at 11 pm. The 16th edition will be out on Feb. 1.

To nominate a post (your own or someone else's) to the next edition of carnival against sexual violence, use our carnival submission form. Links to everything related to the carnival can be found on the new blog dedicated to this carnival,

Marcella Chester

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At January 27, 2007 7:08 PM, Blogger Sicily Sue said...

I am a recent rape victim. THANK YOU so much for such a wealth of information all in one place.

What do you know about victim blaming?

I had a friend turn very ugly on me and I was not prepared for that. I am so hurt.

I am becoming as active as I can against violence and oppression.
I think speaking out is the most powerful of all actions...but I wasn't ready for my friend to turn on me.

See my site at

At January 27, 2007 8:33 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

Sicily Sue,

I wish you had never been a victim, but I'm glad I'm able to provide helpful information for you.

For some, victim blaming is the way they convince themselves that what happened to you can't happen to them.

For others, the reality of rape doesn't match their comfortable beliefs so they reject uncomfortable reality.

It's terrible when friends turn on you, but remember that their ugliness is all about them and has little to do with you.


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