Saturday, January 13, 2007

Duke Hoax Fanatics Gone Wild

Ever since the rape charges were dropped in the Duke case leaving the kidnapping and sexual offense charges, I've been seeing more and more troubling posts from those who called the alleged victim a liar (or other insulting terms) from the moment they learned she was a stripper. Any pretense in the belief of innocent until proven guilty is gone now that these fanatics see a possibility of the case being dropped before trial and have started to hope for charges against the alleged victim.

They feel smug as they post her picture and/or her name while continuing to scorn anyone associated in any way with the poster of the lacrosse team members put up last spring. Many of these people scorn rape shield laws while asserting that men accused of rape should be protected by the very shield laws they hate.

They claim to be experts in evidence analysis yet consistency of thought fails them.

The lack of certainty on the part of the alleged victim is being touted as proof of a lie, but as this case shows, uncertainty on the part of rape victims is normal.

So many of these fanatics seem to be in a feeding frenzy against anyone who took this case seriously or who hasn't acted as if this woman were already tried and convicted. The number of them who use this case to label the prosecution of rape cases as anti-male is astounding. If fighting rape is anti-male, what is denying the possibility of rape?

In many of these posts there's a sense of toxic disdain where it's not only okay to imagine this alleged victim suffering, that image is glorified. It's illuminating that gut-level disdain is something the hoax fanatics share with all gang rapists.

Some fanatics have dehumanized this alleged victim to the point where they don't seem beyond cheering if she were lynched. And isn't an element of gang rape the turning of another person's suffering into a spectator sport?

I'm sure the news that Nifong has asked the state attorney general's office to appoint a special prosecutor to take over the case will send these fanatics into orgasmic delight at the hope that this will lead to all remaining charges being dropped.

Yet if the charges are dropped through political wrangling what message are they sending to men who want to express their disdain sexually?

Occasionally, there's a platitude that the hoax fanatic is against real rape, but I've yet to find any evidence of real emotion behind those platitudes.

It makes me wonder what these hoax fanatics feel when they read about a case like this one:

A fourth person was arrested Friday in connection with the killing of a young man, whose burned corpse was found dumped along railroad tracks, and the death
of his date, who was kept alive for days and raped, authorities said.

All four suspects were being held on federal charges, Knoxville police spokesman Darrell DeBusk said. Two were arrested in Knoxville and the other two in Lebanon, Ky. The victims, Christopher Newsom, 23, and Channon Christian, a 21-year-old University of Tennessee student, were last seen Saturday night while on a date.

The odds are great that at least one of the murderers has a history of rape and may have started with non-credible victims who the hoax fanatics would assumed to be a liar. Yet I doubt any of the Duke hoax fanatics spend much time worrying about how their attitudes keep rape victims from reporting and therefore encourage rapists' belief that they can rape with a wink and a nod from good people.

The Duke hoax fanatics are spending hours and days fighting to protect the images of 3 men who can afford the best defense teams while doing everything they can to create a sinister image for the alleged victim, but how much time are they spending fighting the attitudes which lead men to rape and murder?

What does it tell us if that number is a big fat zero?

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