Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Man Blames Daughter For Brutal Murder of His Wife


The nude body of Tami Reay, 41, was found near Lake Oahe outside Pierre [SD] two days after she disappeared last February. Authorities said some of the wounds in her chest showed a knife had been forced in all the way to its hilt.

[Brad] Reay told jurors that he did not know before his wife was killed in the family home that he was having an affair, but he said they had discussed splitting up. He said his daughter was extremely upset after they told her about the possibility of divorce. Reay said he awoke in the night to find his daughter standing over her mother in the woman's bedroom. His daughter had a knife in her hand, he said.

Haylee was "catatonic or in shock" and did not respond when he asked her what she'd done, he said. Reay said his daughter did not recover from that state until after he had cleaned blood off her and placed her in bed.

The emotion that goes into a knife attack like this is much more than would come from a 12-year-old girl at the news that her parents will be divorcing.

It doesn't sound like this man was winning any father of the year awards before this murder so the idea that he would take the blame for something his daughter did isn't high on the credibility scale.
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