Sunday, January 07, 2007

Payments To Men Wrongfully Convicted Of Rape

The Record

Mark Merin, an attorney for Rose, could not be reached for comment Friday, but Magdich said the [$1 million] settlement is "an excellent result" for the public agencies based on much larger jury awards in similar cases that have gone to trial.

Rose originally sought $8 million for himself and his children from the state Justice Department's crime lab for failing to properly analyze evidence and an unspecified amount from other defendants. He accused former Lodi police Officers Matt Foster and Ernie Nies and Deputy District Attorney Kevin Mayo of coercing false statements from the alleged victim and suppressing evidence exonerating Rose, who now lives in Point Arena.


MADISON, Wis. The state will pay more than 78-thousand dollars to a man who spent four years in prison for a rape DNA tests prove he didn't commit. Anthony Hicks was convicted in 1991 after the victim identified him as her assailant. But a 1996 DNA analysis of the hairs found on the scene showed Hicks could not have been the one who committed the crime.
It's important to note that in neither of these cases is it being disputed that a real rape occurred.
It's also important to realize that systems which do a better job of interviewing victims and properly collecting and analyzing evidence to help them see justice done will also do a better job for those who are misidentified as suspects.

Sloppiness and lack of training hurts everyone except criminals who get away with their crimes.

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