Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Review Of Rape Cases In UK Finds Police Prosecution Errors

Metro UK

An in-depth review of the way rape allegations are handled by police and prosecutors found some cases are being dropped prematurely.

Watchdogs also found authorities were failing to effectively implement a wide range of measures designed to boost the woeful rape conviction rate. Police wrongly recorded rape allegations as "no crimes" in nearly a third of cases when the claims should have been investigated further, the report said.

"There were cases identified... where lines of inquiry had not been fully explored and where further inquiries might have resulted in sufficient evidence to prosecute," it found.

This isn't surprising to me at all and highlights how much progress can be made even if new legal proposals never get approved.

I highly recommend reading the whole article to understand the scope of the problems found which harm rape victims either by incorrectly labeling what happened to them as "no crime" or giving them inconsistent treatment by people with little or no training or giving up on a case the moment the alleged rapist says, "It was consensual."

Too often the words, "we are dedicated to fighting rape" are just words without a real systemic commitment to fighting rape and demonstrating to rapists that their actions will not be tolerated or ignored.

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