Monday, January 22, 2007

Sage's Tag

Sage’s tag via Thinking Girl

Sage has come up with an important tag, inspired by the discussion on Thinking Girl's post, Killing Prostitutes. This tag encourage ALL of us to participate in the political process and demand our political representatives listen to our voices on this important issue. If you never do another tag, please - do this one.

Here’s the steps:
1. Copy the following into a word file. (I've modified the text to reflect my perspective, feel free to modify or use the original template.)
2. Fill in the blanks and edit as desired or completely re-write (a one page limit is best). A little research on your own area makes it even better.
3. Print
4. Get a few signatures or just sign it yourself.
5. Mail it. In Canada no stamps are necessary to the really big guns. Snail mail counts more than e-mail, so the extra walk to the box is worth it.
6. Tag five people (on-line or otherwise).
7. Repeat as necessary.


Address here. Options might include your Mayor, MP, MPP, Prime Minister, other party leaders, Governor, President, what-have-you, and most important, your local newspaper. Even if the issue isn’t part of the addressee’s portfolio, a surge of letters will still have a necessary impact.

Dear / To the Honourable:

In light of the devastating slayings of 26 women in Vancouver, another 20 in Edmonton, and 5 in Ipswich, England, (and any others you can think of in your area) our government must do more to protect all women. If one woman is in danger, none of us are safe.

It’s unlikely that legalizing prostitution would be favourable to the voting public at this point in time, but there are several other useful alternatives that will guarantee you laurels from many fronts.

Let’s stop making perpetrators. All the men who commit these types of heinous crimes are found to have been raised in abusive homes. What is necessary as a solid foundation of any society is easy access to help of any kind for all parents of young children. No child should be living in poverty in a country as wealthy as _________. Any parent or child being abused should have easy access to a safe house they can live in for as long as needed. Teens abused need safe places to stay and be nurtured for extended periods.

In _________(city), there is / isn’t a safe house for abused women, but it only holds ______ women and children, and they can only stay ___________before they have to find someplace else to go. The theory is that they need to learn to fend for themselves. The reality is, if they’re in there in the first place, they likely don’t have other supports. Imagine having no access to your family bank account, no money of your own, small kids, and the only place available for you to live is run by an abusive tyrant. You’re stuck.

This should not be anybody’s fate in a compassionate country where it could be so easy to solve this problem by placing a priority on funding for safe house space, trained counsellors (emotional, career, and financial), affordable housing, and daycare spaces.

I believe it is less expensive to help people who are the most vulnerable than it is to do nothing until the violence escalates until someone is arrested. Effective prevention is not only less expensive than prosecution and imprisonment, it is better for our society.

And to stop perpetrators before they become repeat offenders, we need stronger legislation around sexual abuse and violence against women and children, domestic and otherwise. If a rapist gets a lighter sentence than someone who physically asaults a man, it sends a message to victims of rape that what happened to them is not taken seriously by our country’s legal system. Don’t you believe women and children deserve a life free from abuse?

We’ll look forward to hearing your proposal to address this emergency before the next election.



Please if you want to help reduce violence against women but don't know what you can do to help fight violence against women, do this tag. Let’s get our voices heard on this.

Remember there are people, many who call themselves pro-family, who want to undo the progress that been made through government programs such as the Violence Against Women Act. You can bet that they are doing everything they can to con politicians into believing that the legal advances to help sexual and domestic violence victims are stripping men of their constutional rights.
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At January 22, 2007 7:59 PM, Anonymous thinking girl said...

awesome! Thanks for spreading hte word, Marcella! I knew I could count on you.

At January 22, 2007 11:26 PM, Blogger Holly Desimone said...

Dear Marcella,
Thank you for the information, I will be linking this post! Take care from one advocate to another Holly Desimone

At January 23, 2007 10:28 AM, Blogger Sage said...

Thanks for doing this!


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