Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Service Offers Free Protection For Abuse Victims

The numbers say cases of domestic abuse are waning -- as much as 50 percent off the decade ending in 2004 -- but some argue the statistics don't take into account the violent offenders that are managing to stay out of prison. For this reason, Icon Services Corporation, a Twin Cities-based security company, is using its bodyguard services to protect domestic abuse victims free of charge.
Since women who leave abusive men are at higher risk of being murdered and sometimes clear murder threats aren't enough to get the abusive person locked up, this service is an important one that has the potential to save lives.

This is also a type of alliance that makes it clear that it isn't just radical feminists who are helping women trying to escape domestic violence. This is and must be a public health and safety issue.

The solution can't be gender neutral since the problem isn't gender neutral.
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