Monday, January 29, 2007

Video of GGW's Joe Francis and Paris Hilton

The founder of Girls Gone Wild, Joe Francis who has made millions creating sexually exploitive videos apparently doesn't like role reversal.

The malevolent founder of the Girls Gone Wild empire, Joe Francis is about to discover that turnabout is fair play. You see, Francis' former girlfriend Paris Hilton forgot to pay her long-term storage bill, so the creditor she tried to stiff is auctioning off the contents of her locker including a steamy home movie performance co-starring Joe Francis. Payback sure is sweet.
NY Post

The celebutard and "Girls Gone Wild" creator Joe Francis have amassed a pit-bull legal team to attack the creators of parisexposed. com - a pay-to-view Web site boasting Hilton's most cringe-worthy memorabilia, including porn videos made during their months-long courtship.

"We're pissed and I feel for Paris right now. She's been victimized yet again," Francis told The Post yesterday. "We want this thing down and we're seeking monetary damages."

At least one of Joe Francis's Girls Gone Wild scheduled events was cancelled earlier this month after a group of local opponents decided to speak up against the event, highlighting illegal actions including filming minors which resulted in a guilty plea and probation for Joe Francis.

After reading the quote from Mr. Francis about what he wants from this pay-per-view company, I can't sympathize until he pays similar monetary damages to all those who have made claims against his company.
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