Friday, February 16, 2007

Another Adult Sex Offender Pretends To Be Underage

This story is different from the recent case in Arizona where an adult sex offender posed as a 12 year old when registering to attend school. This man with previous sex crime convictions in Minnesota and Colorado met his alleged victim at the Mall of America.

A convicted sex offender was arrested in Lakeville, Minn. for pretending to be younger than his 27 years of age in order to have sex with underage girls. According to the Lakeville Police Department, Scott Anthony Ellis, 27, convinced the family of a 15-year-old girl that he was 17 and homeless. He gave them a false name and they let him stay in their home.

The girl's parents, however, contacted police to see if they could help locate their guest's parents. When police brought Ellis in to check his background and told him they were going to scan his fingerprints, he admitted he had been using a false identity.

Many sex offenders, rather than looking like monsters, succeed because they look normal or helpless and then get others to care about them.

I don't know if this sex offender was homeless as he claimed, but this raises an important issue related to residency restrictions of sex offenders. More of them may go underground and then use their down and out status as a way to get sympathy from people who would never knowingly harbor a convicted sex offender.

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