Monday, February 12, 2007

Another Duke Rape Debacle?

I'm not talking about a reported sexual assault of a Duke University student during an off-campus party, I'm talking about the behavior of those who call the Duke lacrosse case a hoax.

La Shawn Barber has kicked off her coverage in typical "style."

Let’s not ask the questions we all want to ask. We’ll wait for more facts to emerge before we do that, OK? (Yeah, right!)

Whether or not a rape occurred, I hope the Durham police and DA’s office do a much better job investigating than they did in the Duke lacrosse “rape” case.

And which facts does La Shawn need to know before making an assessment about this alleged rape victim's credibility?

Update: The Chronicle, Duke’s student newspaper, reports what other stories have omitted: the suspect is black. It’s important to note race as a descriptor if the alleged rapist isn’t in custody.
That answers my question.

What isn't credible is La Shawn's stated explanation for bringing race into her coverage.

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