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Carnival Against Sexual Violence 17

Welcome to the Feb. 15, 2007 edition of the carnival against sexual violence.

Thank you to everyone who nominated a post or who wrote a post against sexual violence whether it was nominated/selected or not. Nominations that came in after the nomination deadline will be considered for the next edition of the carnival.

If you support the purpose of the carnival, you can help get the word out about it and all of the posts included in the carnival.

Here are the selections for the 17th edition of the carnival against sexual violence:


In Family Talk - A Way to Prevent Child Abuse posted at Child protection: serious business., we get a discussion about communication barriers that can make child abuse victims believe the adult non-victimizers in their family aren't trying to protect them or don't care about what happened to them.


In Wyoming could become `model for the nation' for rape case policy posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we get an article by Kathleen Miller about a proposed change to Wyoming's rape shield laws so rape victims will have more confidence that irrelevant information about their sexual history will not be used in a criminal trial. Unfortunately, this proposal failed.

In DNA leads to suspect in '94 rape case posted at innocence blog, we get an article that discusses proposals for expanding the list of who must provide DNA samples.

In attempts to improve rape convictions stall posted at rhetorically speaking.., we get a discussion about recent studies about how investigators and prosecutors are handling or mishandling rape cases in the UK and how inconsistencies contribute to the low percentage of convictions in rape cases.

In Recidivism Math posted at Crime and Consequences, we get a discussion of the statistics behind the percentage of convicted sex offenders who "reoffend" when that statistic is really the percentage who reoffend and whose new offenses are reported and who are caught and who are convicted.

In Federal Email Registration Bill posted at Sex Crimes, we get information about a move in congress to pass a bill to get a list of all sex offender email addresses.

In Rape case man freed after police blunder posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we learn about a case that resulted in a judge-ordered not-guilty verdict because a witness statement wasn't introduced until after the trial started. It's important to note that the evidence doesn't disprove that a rape occurred it just shows there was kissing and hand holding between the alleged victim and the alleged rapist prior to the alleged rape. Taking what looks to be a romantic stroll is not consent to sex.

In Another Man Accused of Stranger Rape Claims Sex Was Consensual posted at Abyss2hope, I discuss a case where the defendant uses the myths many men use when they oppose stronger rape laws and better -- and more respectful -- treatment of alleged victims by law enforcement and the criminal court systems.

In Not your Typical Sex Offenders posted at Sex Crimes, we learn about a case where women in positions of power at a group home for neglected youth are accused of sex crimes against a 16-year-old boy living in the home.

In Cops slammed for observing stoned addicts; deputy chief defends practice posted at HOLLY'S FIGHT TO STOP VIOLENCE, we get an article by Eliza Barlow that focuses on the ethicical questions behind a Drug Recognition Expert Training Program in Edmonton which used drug addicts as test subjects.

media watch

In TalkLeft on Maouloud Baby Case posted at Sex Crimes, we get a critical discussion of the legal position that if consent is withdrawn that it might be unwanted sex but it isn't rape.

In Acceptable And Unacceptable Voices of The Raped posted at Abyss2hope, I discuss the problem with one man's view about how the character played by Dakota Fanning in the film Hounddog isn't a worthy voice for silent rape victims because she didn't report her rape to the police or talk about it somewhere in the film.

In Failure to Protect posted at Sex Crimes, we get a review of law professor Eric Janus's book subtitled: America's Sexual Predator Laws And the Rise of the Preventive State. The review and the book address the legal issues around sex offender registries and discuss whether these laws provide the most effective method to prevent sexual violence.

In NY - Help is there for sexual abuse victims posted at Sadly Normal, we get information about the documentary "The Hand of God" which begins by exploring John Cultrera's personal experience as a survivor of priest abuse, but which ends up being a story much larger than that of one victim.

In Excuses and Justification posted at hazel8500, we get a discussion sparked by the documentary Children of God, which reunites ex second generation cult members, about how easy it is to blame the victims of sexual abuse.

In Pickton trial coverage misses the point posted at Feminist Toronto, we get a discussion about what details from the trial of an alleged murderer are worthy of being included in the local paper and which details further dehumanize the victims.

personal stories

In her nomination of The Purpose of this blog posted at Abyss2hope, Holly Desimone wrote, "I am truly honoured to read your story, see hope from your experience. You are a inspiration to many please considering posting this to show others about overcoming the pain of rape. Also the pain of the messiness..." So per Holly's request I'm including my very first blog post.

raising awareness

In New National Teen Dating Abuse Hotline posted at "Asking First" with Mike Domitrz, we get information about a valuable new resource.

In Nina And CFS posted at hazel8500, we get a discussion of the systemic failures that contribute to the vulnerability of children such as 13 year old murder victim Nina Courtpatte. Currently, Michael Briscoe, 36, and Joseph Laboucan, 21 are on trial on kidnapping, aggravated sexual assault and first-degree murder charges.

In We continue to blame rape victims posted at BPS RESEARCH DIGEST, we get a discussion of a study done in Israel which showed that there is a relationship between victim blaming and how much punishment people believe rapists deserve.

In Bullies, bullying, and rape (part 2) posted at LongHairedWeirdo, we get the second in a multi-part series that helps to deconstruct the myth that all real rapists are total monsters and looks at familiar attitudes which can contribute to people deciding they have the right to take what they want.

In The Smear Campaign of the Abuser... posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we learn about a systemic process that attempts to have the victimizer look like the victim and have the victim look like the victimizer by preemptively accusing the other person of cruelty. This strategy is used by more than those who abuse within established relationships. This strategy is used by many people, including defense attorneys, who want to recruit an audience to go after the innocent person with a naive sense that they are protecting the "real" victim.

In Respectful Relationship posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we get information about how to use negotiation at the beginning of a dating relationship to communicate your physical, emotional and sexual boundaries and to ensure that what you want is compatible with the other person's wants and values.

In How to *really* prevent rape. posted at incurable hippie's musings and rants, we get a commentary that countering the 'how women should prevent rape' propaganda.

In Women's Rights in Asia posted at Holly's Fight for Justice, we get a report from Human Rights Watch about systemic human rights violations directed primarily at women.

In Are rapists getting away with it? posted at Staring At Empty Pages, we get a discussion of reactions to a BBC story on the low number of rape convictions that are predicated on the belief that the alleged victim did something wrong -- either to bring rape on herself or to call consensual sex a rape.

In The truth behind acquaintance rape posted at HOLLY'S FIGHT TO STOP VIOLENCE, we get an opinion piece by Karla S. Miller, the interim director, Rape Victim Advocacy Program in Iowa.

In Study to look at date rape in Cyprus posted at HOLLY'S FIGHT TO STOP VIOLENCE, we get an article by Alexia Saoulli about the study which will be released later this year titled: 'Date rape cases among young women and strategies for support and prevention.’

In That Bruise on the Face posted at Everyone needs therapy? Lessons from a family therapist, we get an examination of how women wear their scars and how even when we haven't DONE anything, our thoughts are often self-blaming.


In Minti - Parenting Advice - Teenage rape..........Some things we do to try to keep our kid safe........... posted at Parenting Advice, we get a discussion of the importance of teaching boys and girls about when sexual contact must stop for the interaction not to be rape.

In Call for submissions! posted at BLANK NOISE PROJECT, we learn about an upcoming blogathon scheduled for March 8 where participants will relate their action plans and their success stories.

In IMPACT Defense Against Multiple Assailants class posted at KitKat's Critique, we get a summary of what one woman learned at an IMPACT self-defense course which included understanding the group dynamics behind a gang attack so you can use that dynamic to your benefit. The information included can help people decide if they would want to take this type of class.

In DONATE TO HOME ALIVE posted at Allegory of the Cave, we learn about one rape survivor's efforts to raise money for a non-profit organization based in Seattle that was founded in 1993 after the rape and murder of local musician Mia Zapata.

creative expression

In Sabine "Rape" Hoax Year 2609 posted at Abyss2hope, I present a work of satire to show that the problem with published satire related to rape isn't simply that feminists have no sense of humor. Rather than mocking rape victims, this piece mocks rape apologists.


In It's Not Really About Sex posted at Mad Melancholic Feminista, we get a discussion about how image impacts sexual activity on college campuses.

That concludes the 17th edition of the carnival against sexual violence. Thank you for taking the time to visit this carnival and thank you to the authors of all the posts included in this edition.

The next submission deadline is Feb. 26 at 11 pm. The 18th edition will be out on Mar. 1.

To nominate a post (your own or someone else's) to the next edition of carnival against sexual violence, use our carnival submission form. Links to everything related to the carnival can be found on the blog dedicated to this carnival,

Marcella Chester

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At February 15, 2007 1:06 AM, Blogger Holly said...

I was truly touched by your post, thank you for putting my request in the Carnival Against Sexual Violence. Many survivors will read this touching post, learn from you Marcella.
Thank you Marcella for the continued awareness, personal courage.
That courage started this forum of bringing personal stories, awareness to the Internet world.

We know the voices that have been silenced, each voice is reading a post. In doing that please remember you are not alone.
I personally think and blog about each and every one of you every day.
Take care until the next Carnival Against Sexual Violence.
Sincerely Holly Desimone

At February 15, 2007 4:09 PM, Blogger Megan Bayliss said...

Hi Marcella

yet another informative and well put together Carnival. Thank you.

I've linked you on my site now - have been meaning to do it for ages but just never get the time to sit and do it.

Stay safe, stay strong and thanks for writing the wrongs.

Megan in Australia

At February 23, 2007 4:13 PM, Blogger incurable hippie said...

Yet another fantastic resource from you. Thank you so much for doing this.

At March 15, 2007 3:38 PM, Blogger Katie said...

Awwww, thank you, Marcella! I just saw my link today.

You've made me very happy. I feel flattered by the review, too (the part that says I included info that'd be helpful for prospective students). :-D


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