Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Go West Young Sex Offender

That message isn't being given directly, but Wyoming is seeing a significant influx of out of state registered sex offenders.

Wyoming is home to about 1,200 known sex offenders. That is not a large number, even for a state with only about 509,000 residents in all. But law enforcement officials and legislators are worried because 56 percent of those 1,200 known offenders moved to Wyoming after being convicted somewhere else.

Afraid that the word is out among ex-convicts that Wyoming has some of the nation's loosest restrictions on sex offenders, state legislators are rushing to tighten the laws, and they are meeting little resistance.
Many of the restrictions on where registered sex offenders can live simply move the problem and can in fact create clusters of registered sex offenders.

Laws that don't consider the fallout from the restrictions need to be revisited to make sure they aren't creating more problems than they really solve.

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