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Male College Satirist: Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It

A male student at Central Connecticut State University wrote a "satirical" piece in the college paper "Rape Only Hurts If You Fight It" which rape survivors among others, including the university leadership, didn't find the least bit funny when it was published on Wednesday, Feb. 7.

The article, written by opinion editor John Petroski, details several "benefits" that rape has made to civilization over the years. The article describes rape as a "magical experience" that has been a blessing to "ugly women."

"If it weren't for rape, how would they ever know the joy of intercourse with a man who isn't drunk?" the article asks.

Student editors at the paper said the article was meant to be a satirical jab at the sensationalistic nature of the modern news media.

For an article to be truly satirical it shouldn't reinforce the views which contribute to rape and the minimizing of rape trauma.

From the The Recorder, here's the conclusion (on pg. 7):

But if there is one bread and butter reason for why rape should not only be accepted, but even endorsed, it is because our news editors are in dire need of interesting stories for our front page. Bookstore stories? Fossils? One dollar coins? Please. Now, some saucy circle-jerk rape action? Yeah, that's the ticket.
So the whole point of the satirical piece is to protest against the reporting of student rapes on page one of a student newspaper?

The editor-in-chief of The Recorder, Mark Rowan, said the reaction proved the point the article was trying to make. If that's true then his point was that mocking rape victims isn't funny to anyone except rapists and those who are willing to look the other way when girls and women are raped.

He also said that the problem was that the intended message fell on deaf ears, but the problem isn't that the message fell on deaf ears, the problem was that the message which was written was received loud and clear. He then went on to complain that a serious article about identity theft in the same issue was overlooked, but that result was caused by the decision to include this particular satirical piece.

If the intention wasn't to mock rape victims throughout history then this student writer should have had this story rejected until it focused on it's intended target: media sensationalism.

Hint: The target of satire (sensationalistic nature of the modern news media, for example) shouldn't be left out of all but the last paragraph of the article.

Next to this satirical piece which fell flat is a satirical article about the death of the racehorse Barbaro written by Mark T. Rutkowski which uses satire to explore attitudes about human death and extreme political intervention such as was done in regards to Terri Schiavo. While it uses satire, it raises serious issues and challenges readers to think those issues and how many of us hold inconsistent views about the sanctity of life.

The other satire seems to say, "Got raped? Good for you. Now shut up and sit down. We don't care."

Who in their right mind would have any problem with that sort of message when it's given with a satirical wink?

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At February 10, 2007 5:14 PM, Blogger Monika said...

Excellent summation :)

At February 19, 2007 7:14 AM, Blogger The Speaker said...

I don't know what to say about these, but I want and need to say something. How can I contact someone about what this "article" has really said to me about the state of our male college students in this country. Perhaps, as irrational of a thought that this is, all male college students should be required to participate in a sexual violence awarenss project- Oh. Wait. They can't- they are too busy writing hilarious pieces for their college papers about the "benefits" of rape, or they are too busy raping. I am confused as to what the initial purpose of the piece was? Was he trying to bring humor to a college campus regarding rape? You might now want to post this comment because I'm sure some of your male readers will be offended, and I'm sure I sound like an immature asshole.

Thank You for Blogging as Always.


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