Monday, February 26, 2007

Rape Myth Busting Or Not

Daily Mail UK headline: Drug rape myth exposed as study reveals binge drinking is to blame purports to bust one myth, but it reinforces other rape myths which help keep rape going strong.

Binge drinking isn't to blame for rape as the headline implies. Rapists are to blame for rape.

Several bloggers (I refuse to give them links) who seem to be in the blame-the-women mindset have already used this headline and the study as a further excuse for calling girls and women liars whenever they report feeling like a drug has been slipped into their drink.

For the girls and women who aren't lying, the attitude by these people seems to be, "It's just the booze, you stupid ****!"

The problem with any study done on lab results from rape victims is that not all non-alcoholic substances are included in the testing and that rape victims who have been drugged aren't likely to be brought in for testing immediately.

Also there is no consideration that spiking an alcoholic drink with higher octane alcohol is still deliberate spiking. To call women liars when they report feeling drugged is negligent at best.

Last month a personal safety campaigner claimed that Rohypnol had never been used to assist a sexual assault in the UK. Doctors carrying out the latest study at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital said it was far more likely women were claiming their drinks had been spiked as an "excuse" for binge-drinking.

The 12-month study was based on 75 patients - mostly women - treated in casualty who told doctors their drinks had been tampered with in pubs or clubs. But tests for drugs such as Rohypnol, GHB and ketamine found nothing, says the study published in the Emergency Medicine Journal.

It showed 65 per cent of women had 160mg of alcohol in their blood - twice the 80mg drink/drive limit - and a quarter were three times over the limit. Although all the patients denied taking drugs such as cocaine and amphetamine, one fifth tested positive.
This last line implies -- without coming right out and saying it -- that because the drugs found weren't categorized as date-rape drugs that those drugs were taken willingly. Do these doctors believe rapists and wannabe rapists really follow a rule book about which substances they will use to facilitate rape?

People reported being drugged and one fifth tested positive for drugs and that's proof that drugging isn't involved?


The conclusion that reporting feeling drugged is nothing more than an "excuse" for binge drinking is bull. The companion to this attitude is the belief that most women who report being raped are finding a way to "excuse" having consensual but regretted sex.

That too is bull.

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At November 11, 2007 3:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

thanks for your blog. i was already planning on wrighting my paper against this study that has been done but i was having a hard time comming up with main points. you were very helpfull, and i could agree with you more.


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