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Sabine "Rape" Hoax Year 2609

After reading an example of what some people think passes for satire involving rape and the apologies by those responsible for the satire and its publication, I decided they needed an example of a more appropriate way to use rape in satire. I'll even use an event referenced in the "rape only hurts if you fight it" satire.

If the link to the Feb. 7 issue of The Recorder is removed, here's a post at Feministe which includes the full article.

Here goes:

Sabine "Rape" Hoax Year 2609
by Marcella Chester

Most feminazis and their godless liberal lapdogs today still keep marketing the myth that early in Rome's history many Roman men abducted and "raped" women of Sabine because there weren't enough Roman women.

This is a man-hating hoax designed to make manliness seem like a crime and which makes a mockery of real rape which is a crime second only to murder. All real rapists should be given the death penalty.

From the very beginning Roman men could have any woman they wanted without resorting to real rape. Just look at their statues and you'll know this is true. The Sabine girls and women would have been stupid not to want these handsome and powerful Roman warriors, but because their fathers didn't approve they couldn't communicate their desires directly.

The girls and women of Sabine decided to play the victim to get what they wanted from honorable and upwardly-mobile Roman men. Like most women who cry "rape" they were gold diggers of the worst sort.

How do we know this? Simple. If these Sabine women weren't asking to be "abducted" and "raped" they wouldn't have attended the festival along with the men -- not with all the debauchery that puts the feast in every festival. If you are female and you don't want to be raped, you stay home where you are safe from rape.

What is a proven fact is that these girls and women did not stay home. Those who advance the cause of the Sabine "rape" hoax know this fact yet they continue their outrageous claim that Sabine women were taken against their will.

The story says that the Sabine women were vulnerable and unable to escape, but drunken or reluctant consent is still consent. If no always means no, then yes must always mean yes. It's not a crime to keep asking a woman so his manner of asking is never relevant. Women must take personal responsibility for their sexual choices. "But he abducted me..." blah, blah, blah.

Because the women were at the festival blatantly displaying their assets in front of these women-starved men, it was their presence which abducted the Roman men. These women obviously didn't communicate their unwillingness clearly and consistently from the moment they arrived for the festival. Therefore, the Roman men can't be faulted if they misunderstood the signals being given to them by the Sabine women.

The Sabine women only acted like they were really being abducted to save their shaky reputations. If they had been raped they would have let their male relatives slaughter them in the conflict that followed. Real rape victims are so traumatized that death would be a relief. Yet these women wanted to live.

The Sabine women were employing the oldest trick in the book. Being overpowered by men so they could trap men into marriage and then shaft them in the divorce taking everything, including the children, from men who have done nothing wrong. What good is empire building when a man-hating judge gives most of your empire to your lazy ex-wife?

Descendants of these couplings called what happened the rape of the Sabine women because these women planted their feminist propaganda into their children's heads. Even back then women lied about rape and because they were the weaker sex people believed these carefully crafted lies.

No Roman man ever raped a Sabine woman. This is so because the Roman men were never convicted in a criminal court of law and everyone knows that a man isn't a rapist unless and until he is convicted by a jury of his peers.

Two and a half thousand years or so have passed since this tragic "rape" hoax began. Isn't it past time these innocent men had their names cleared and the real perpetrators were exposed?

I'll close by using a feminist argument to prove with superior male logic that the "rape" of the Sabine women is a hoax. Feminists insist that real men don't rape yet nobody disputes that Romans were real men. Therefore the Romans couldn't have raped the women of Sabine. QED

Stop the Sabine "rape" hoax for the sake of all the real and now dead rape victims. Remember, if she's alive, she's lying about being raped.

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At February 13, 2007 4:55 PM, Anonymous petitpoussin said...

Oh my goodness, I'm laughing so hard tears are coming out of my eyes. EXACTLY.

At February 13, 2007 8:22 PM, Blogger RachelsTavern said...

The two funniest parts--they are not rapist beause they have never been convicted in a court of law.

And this line--"Real rape victims are so traumatized that death would be a relief. Yet these women wanted to live."

Betcha $100 that that guy wouldnt get this :)

At February 19, 2007 7:27 AM, Blogger The Speaker said...

I am in love. This makes me feel better.

At September 19, 2007 12:35 AM, Blogger bint alshamsa said...

Thank you for this. Even 2007 there are people who still think rape is a ha-ha funny kind of joke. Now, what you wrote was satire. That article he wrote was nothing but tripe.

At September 19, 2007 12:35 AM, Blogger bint alshamsa said...

P.S. I'm here via a link on Rachel's Tavern.

At November 04, 2009 10:54 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rape is never funny no matter what you assholes say. I hope you never have a loved one raped but at least is would show you that some things should not be joked about.

At November 04, 2009 11:15 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

Anonymous, as the rape survivor who wrote this I'm sorry it bothered you. Believe me I don't need to be raped again or have a family member raped to understand why you would hate all humor related to rape. That doesn't however make me or other who found this piece funny to be assholes.

FYI the butt of this joke are the rape apologists not rape victims.


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