Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Designer Anand Jon Alleged Rapist or Victim Of Grand Conspiracy?

When the story first broke that fashion designer Anand Jon had been charged with 20 counts of sexual assault against 7 alleged victims, I didn't blog about the arrest of Anand Jon on rape charges since there are so many arrests that I couldn't keep up if I tried to blog abot all of them.

However, a recent Hollywood Today story indicates that the defense will be based blaming the victims' immoral ambitions.

All the claimed rape and child molestation victims have ties to the L.A. fashion community, apparently encouraging Anand’s attorney to concoct a questionable “fashion industry defense.” Implying lax morals in the fashion business, his attorney claimed in the court hearing that many women in the fashion industry routinely granted sexual favors in exchange for advancement and that his planned LA Fashion Week showcase triggered the charges as the women has “Ulterior motives to have him in custody” during the event.

Those might not even be all the charges against him as more women come forth from his celebrity fashion dealings. “There an ongoing investigation in L.A., there is also one in New York,” L.A. District Attorney spokesperson Jane Robinson told Reuters. “This is a serious crime.”

This conspiracy theory is a very convenient spin for someone who suddenly finds himself with a great deal of power. It also sounds like how someone could rationalize clearly unethical behavior and at times clearly illegal behavior.

But this painting of an alleged rapist as the true victim is nothing new as in this case where the 32-year-old defendant's attorney claimed that his client was the victim of the 12-year-old alleged girl he was accused of raping.

Each apparent success of these types of defenses can reinforce that type of rationalization.

Update (11/13/08): This defense strategy failed and Anand Jon Alexander was found guilty in a Los Angeles courtroom of 14 felonies. He is currently under indictment in New York on similar charges.

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At January 12, 2010 1:04 AM, Blogger JaclynnK said...

Its not a conspiracy, I was one of the victims. I would come forward if I knew how to, but its kind of late for that anyways. He'd talk to me every night for a month before he came to Texas with talk about modeling for his designs. He got here and I brought my mother with me...He gave her his debit card and asked her to go by us dinner and took me and another model up to his hotel room. This is NOT a conspiracy, he is a certified douchebag and deserves every single year that was added to his sentence, if not more!


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