Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Friendly And Helpful Child Sexual Abusers Arrested

This case shows that predators can hide in plain sight. It also shows that predators can be women even though most sexual predators are men.

Cassie Kappers and her boyfriend Richard Fincher are charged with engaging in sex acts with four children. The youngest victim was younger than six-years-old at the time, according to court documents.

Kappers and Fincher live in an apartment in Cottage Grove. The couple knew the children who are alleged victims. According to the charges, Kappers and Fincher also met three men on the Internet and arranged for them to molest the young victims as well.

A neighbor said she is in disbelief because she knows the couple as being friendly and helpful.
This case highlights an important belief. Most people assume that those who do terrible things to children will have a general demeaner to match.

When this assumption is proven wrong, it's natural to see monsters behind every action that brings children into an adult's life. What we need is a healthy skepticism so we don't instill unreasonable fear in children, but do instill caution.

We need to teach children when it's okay to not do as adults in any position of authority tell them to do. We can't protect children from all harm, but we can help children know what they have permission to do when someone else makes them uncomfortable.

But most importantly, we have to integrate the ideas and practices which allow us to recognize and respond to those who are sexual predators in harmless-looking facades.

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