Saturday, March 03, 2007

So Much For Innocent Until Proven Guilty

I've been watching what bloggers who call the Duke lacrosse rape case a hoax or a crime committed by the alleged victim are saying about the recent alleged rape of a Duke student.

The fact that the alleged victim has been identified as white and the fact that the alleged rapist has been identified as black seems to be the primary focus.

Here's a quote from one blogger (you can find the link yourself if it hasn't been taken down):

Here's a Real Rape that Happened at Duke UNiversity - N[-word] Perp, White Victim. Here's a photo of this low down ni**er and his home address just in case O'Reilly, Hannity, or any other establishment journalist wants to do their job and [...]
Other Duke hoax bloggers aren't this blatantly racist, but the overall approach does seem grounded in racial bias. So far I have seen none of them challenge people who make statements like the one quoted above.

The bias against most rape victims becomes all the more obvious when you see them write about a case they quickly classify as a real rape.

Several of the Duke lacrosse hoax fanatics have questioned why those who rallied behind that alleged victim haven't given similar attention to this newer case. The answer is simple. This case doesn't have the surface details which will cause them to quickly decide it's open season on the alleged victim.

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