Sunday, March 04, 2007

Texas Youth Prison Sexual Abuse Finally Getting Needed Attention

While sexual abuse at prisons holding children as young as 10 should get a reaction of disgust from everyone. It shouldn't really get a reaction of true shock, not even when they learn that the problem isn't limited to prisoners abusing other prisoners.

In our society, we have a history of deciding it's okay for some to be abused and exploited -- though people rarely put it that blatently. This is doubly true for those who have committed crimes and who have been incarcerated for those crimes.
A Texas Rangers investigation in 2005 found that the prison's assistant superintendent and the school's principal had repeated sexual contact with inmates. Neither of the investigations have resulted in criminal charges, though Whitmire said a special prosecutor is on the case. The officials allegedly involved resigned in 2005. Before the hearing, Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst, a Republican, called the allegations "awful."

"We can't have criminals and predators manning our prisons," Dewhurst said.
What's encouraging is that those who exploit prisoners are properly labeled as predators.

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