Saturday, April 28, 2007

200th DNA Exoneration Vs. Umpteenth Shocking Acquital

With all the talk about the number of DNA exonerations, I was surprised to read this story and to learn that only 200 convicted men have been cleared based on DNA evidence. With the number of stories on this subject, I thought the number was in the thousands.

Many will say that it should be in the thousands, but that is conjecture rather than proven fact. What is a fact is that these overturned convictions have been used as the basis for calls to make the prosecution of rape cases harder than it is now.

Then I saw the not-guilty verdict in this case which I previously blogged about here where a previously convicted sex offender who built a tiny underground bunker and allegedly left his 2 rape victims to die had the outcome I feared would come based on barrage of statements that turn all alleged rapists into the default victim.

I view this case as as great of an injustice as a wrongful conviction but I view this verdict as creating a much greater risk.

Who knows what type of men will feel validated by this verdict and what actions they will take with even greater confidence that the law will benefit them and their choices?

The answer to that question terrifies me.

But that won't make those who claim that no alleged rapist ever gets a fair trial think twice about how their efforts contribute to rape or even murder. With all their calls for women and feminists to take responsibility, they consistently deny having any responsibility of their own.

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At April 28, 2007 6:14 AM, Blogger Threat Assessment & Response Canada said...

200 wrongfully convicted is 200 too many. 1 wrongfully convicted is 1 too many.

1 predator set free to continue to do harm is 1 too many.

We shouldn't be focussing on making it harder or easier, but more just.

How do we do that? If I had the answer, I'd be a wealthy woman (or not - who says anyone would listen?)


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