Friday, April 06, 2007

Keep Submitting Blog Against Sexual Violence Posts

In the US at least April 5, 2007, the national A Day To End Sexual Violence is over, but obviously the problem isn't.

Thanks to everyone who has already written a post as part of this effort. I've finished adding the participating posts I could find through link searches but I'm sure there are some participants I missed. Please let me know if you should be on my list but aren't there yet. Our collective voices do make a positive difference even if it isn't always a dramatic difference.

Please, if you didn't have time on the 5th to post or you didn't find out about this effort until you read one of the posts, do write a post for the Blog Against Sexual Violence providing the link to the Blog Against Sexual Violence Day announcement post and I will add you to the post with links to participant's posts and I will add all participants to the BASV blogroll (catching up on that last task today and tomorrow).

The variety of perspectives is wonderful and gives people who haven't previously read your blog the opportunity to decide if they want to be one of your regular readers.

The month of April, Sexual Assault Awareness Month, is just beginning so if you know about an event coming up, tell us or if you attended an event celebrate it with us. The 2007 Sexual Assault Awareness Month campaign national slogan for this April is: Prevent Sexual Violenceā€¦in our communities.

If you are bloggging on this subject please consider submitting posts (even older ones) to the Carnival Against Sexual Violence which is published twice a month, normally on the 1st and 15th of each month.


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At April 06, 2007 4:23 PM, Blogger Holly said...

Hi Marcella,
I added my contribution, thank you for hosting this event. As a survivor of rape, I appreciate the hard work put into every post, and all the submissions.
Take care Holly Desimone
it is late...hope it still will help bring awareness


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