Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Lack of Consent Blindness

It seems we have another person suffering from this disabling syndrome that makes men incapable of perceiving lack of consent.

This case occured in South Wales.

Leon Hiscox, 26, was convicted by a jury following a trial after denying raping the woman at a flat in the city, saying they had consensual sex. [...]

The woman told the jury: "He looked evil. He was staring at me. I was screaming for help." She said she sank her nails into him, kicked Hiscox off and called police on her mobile.

Of course, for those who are aware that nearly half of all women who say they were raped are liars, the notable issue in this case is probably how quickly the post-consensual sex regret kicked in.

This woman didn't even have the courtesy of waiting until the next morning to "cry rape." Oh, wait, maybe this is one of those fabled but rarely seen "real rapes."

Won't someone take pity on men like this and help us find a cure before another man with lack-of-consent blindness suffers needlessly?

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