Thursday, April 05, 2007

My Entry For Blog Against Sexual Violence Day

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I want to thank everyone who has already written a post for today's event. Too often those of us who speak up against sexual violence are labeled radical or outside the mainstream.

And that's at the heart of what needs to change in order for potential rapists and their ilk to know that what they are considering doing is absolutely wrong.

Speaking up against sexual violence, and backing those words with respect for other people's sexual boundaries, needs to so normal, in all groupings of people -- whether they be male, female, conservative, liberal, religious, secular, etc. -- that those who don't clearly oppose all forms of sexual violence are the one's outside the general mainstream and outside of the mainstream of their subgroup.

So my wish is that every day someone speaks up against sexual violence for the first time, joining those of us who have already spoken up until when the question is: "Who supports the actions of rapists and sexual exploiters?" the answer will be, "Nobody."

Until then I will keep being a radical, nudging the mainstream out of it's comfort zone where sexual violence is so pervasive.


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