Friday, April 27, 2007

Thank You For All The Support In The Week Since Keith Died

My dad and my brother, Keith, both gone but not forgotten.

Keith Stiles was my oldest brother and he died in his sleep one week ago today. The memorial service was Wednesday evening and held in St. Paul's (pictured) in Denver.

Thanks to everyone who worked behind the scenes, all those who spoke or sang during the service and for all those in attendance where tears and laughter mixed freely. It was clear that a wonderful diversity of people cared about, and will miss Keith. My host for my temporary return to Denver went above and beyond what a friend had to do. You were a great friend to Keith and you are a great friend of mine.

Since I once attended this church with Keith, I knew how much care he had for the church and it's mission but I didn't know how many projects he was involved in or supported wholeheartedly over the years. One of those projects is the new improved wheelchair-accessible ramp currently under construction (lower right).

Thank you to friends of Keith's who brought flowers to the church. By the stories I heard about my brother's strengths and weaknesses, it's clear that he won't soon be forgotten and that what he could and would do outweighed what he either couldn't or wouldn't do.

Thank you to Holly and Don for the flower arrangement on the right side of the picture. You didn't know Keith but you helped to honor him anyway.

Keith had some great friends and this last week has reminded me that I have some great friends backing me up when I need support.

Next time you drink a glass (or an entire carton) of milk say a toast to Keith and empty that sucker as fast as you can.
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At April 27, 2007 10:43 AM, Blogger ms. jared said...

i'm sorry for your loss, marcella, but glad you have good memories and good friends to comfort you.
xoxo, jared


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