Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Followup To What Does Consent Look Like

The verdict is in on the case I discussed in my post What does consent look like.

The 3 defendants each had a different outcome. One was found not guilty on all charges. The second was found guilty of misdemeanor sexual misconduct. The third, who lured the girl to the house where the attack took place, was found guilty of two felony counts of aggravated sexual abuse. A fourth boy previously plead guilty to child endangerment charges for recording some of the incident on a cell phone camera.

A friend of the defendants revealed an appalling attitude when he said:

"The whole thing was about a bunch of kids, telling lies against one another, and so I believe it was wrong for that kid to get that kind of time."

Luring a girl to a house on false pretenses where your friends are secretly waiting and then violating her with a broomstick is nothing worth punishing with jail time? This quote highlights why these types of crimes happen and why so many rapists get away with their crimes. This type of harm is simply no big deal to far too many people.

Those people should hang their heads in shame.

The victim's mother spoke out after the verdict to reveal that her daughter was even more vulnerable than was revealed in court.

The victim's mother says her daughter, who was fifteen at the time, suffers from post traumatic stress disorder from the attack, and spent time in three mental health facilities.

She says her daughter's bi-polar, has a form of autism, and has learning and emotional disabilities.

The victim's mother said, "The defense attorneys were able to keep that detail out of the courtroom because they did not want the juries to feel sympathy."

I'm sure the official position of the defense teams would be that this information would add irrelevant emotion to the case, but it would add important insight into the dynamics of what happened and would reveal an added level of premeditated exploitation to the boys actions.

Here's the MO: Find someone vulnerable, pretend to be her friend, lie to her as you lure her to an isolated location, coerce her into limited sexual contact so you can tell yourself the contact was "consensual" then have your friends join in on your exploitation -- using a knife and 4 boys' presence to secure more "consensual" contact.

Frankly, all 3 defendants got off too lightly.

The fault for a too long sentence belongs to the person who committed the sex crime. Don't want the punishment? Don't do the sex crime. Enough with the excuses and the rationalizations.

hat tip: Autistic Abuse.

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