Saturday, May 12, 2007

If Joking About Rape Is Fine Then ...

... joking about men being falsely imprisoned on rape charges should also be fine.

If "rape humor" doesn't reflect people's attitudes about women then it must follow that "false rape humor" doesn't reflect people's attitudes about men.

But most of those who say "Feminists have no sense of humor" in response to negative reactions to "rape humor" would lose their funny bone real fast if they heard the same type of violent humor with men suffering at the hands of women.

It's telling that these 2 types of humor aren't seen with anywhere near the same frequency. I can't recall any woman joking about how she would love to falsely accuse some man of rape.

I believe that attitude and the words which spring from that attitude reflects what actions you either approve of or are tolerant of. Those who laugh when someone imagines committing rape are certainly people I would never trust with my safety or the safety of anyone else.

It's also telling that the solution to this problem for many people is to switch from calling it "rape humor" to calling it "crude sex humor." Once you do this then a wimpy apology is sufficient according to many people's standards.

Their standards are too low and their tolerance for sexual violence is too high.

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At May 14, 2007 7:06 PM, Blogger The Speaker said...

I take the following approach as a highschool student...

-scene opens of football field-

Crude Freshman Boy on Football Field: HarHarHar(obnoxious laughter)HarHarHar Oh My Gahd Man, if ya don't hand me dat football I'm gonna rape you up da ass..HarHarHar (more obnoxious laughter).

Me: Hey!

Crude Freshman Boy:(With football under left arm) What!? Me?

Me: Yes. You. I have question.

Crude Freshman Boy: (Looking confused) Yeah?

Me: Do you think cancer is funny?

Crude Freshman Boy: Uhhh. No. Uhhh. No. Why?

Me: Well I don't think rape is very funny either. How would you like it if your mother was raped? Or your sister? Do you understand what the definition of rape is? Do I help you with that?

Scared Freshman Boy: Uh. Uh. Sorry. Uh. Yeah. I know what rape is. I was just joking. Sorry.

Me: Rape isn't something to joke about.

-scene ends-


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