Friday, May 25, 2007

Leaving A Girl Being Raped A Better Choice?

In the case I discussed in my post What does consent look like the boy who pleaded guilty for taking the cell phone video was sentenced to probation.

Sheppard, who testified for the prosecution, admitted that he took a video of the incident on his cell phone. The 10-second clip was then shown to friends. Students who saw the video reported it to a teacher.

His attorney, Earl Key, said Thursday that Sheppard is a “good boy” who got caught up in a questionable situation. “There’s no question there was a cell phone video,” Key said. “However, during this whole affair, he never once participated in what happened to this girl.” Sheppard told Judge Sara Sheldon Sperrazza that he regretted sticking around and watching the incident unfold. “I should have just
left,” he said.

The boy's attorney is dead wrong and is supporting a dangerous attitude. This wasn't a questionable situation, this was a crime. The proper response wouldn't have been for the boy to leave a crime victim there unprotected. The proper response would be to either tell his friends what they were doing was wrong and that they needed to stop or for him to call 911.

Recording a crime isn't the actions of a "good boy" it is the actions of someone who is a-okay with sexual assault. We certainly would recognize this if he had recorded his friends committing arson which seriously burned a girl inside that building.

Rapists need people to believe that they are in questionable situations in order to deny the existance of a rape victim and to deny that the harm from rape was caused by the rapist or rapists and those who provided support to rape. They want people to believe that the trauma of rape is largely self-inflicted.

Rapists need you to believe in them and will use every trick they know to make you believe. Or at least lose some sympathy for the rape victim. You can see this more clearly if you think of how you would respond to slurs against the victim if the crime were arson.

This defendant's statement to the judge reveals that he still doesn't understand the harm done that day to the crime victim. His regret is completely self-centered and I believe only expresses a regret at getting caught and charged with a crime. Rapists depend on friends like this who give approval to their rapes. Without that positive or neutral feedback many of these rapists wouldn't feel so smug as they plan and then commit rape.

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