Saturday, May 19, 2007

Minnesota Using DNA To Give Some Of 800 Families Answers

The Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension has a new program which hopes to give the families of some of the 800 missing persons in Minnesota answers by using DNA to match those missing people with the 250 plus unidentified bodies or human remains in the state.

The BCA is sending out DNA kits to law enforcement agencies across the state so there will be a system in place to collect DNA from relatives of the missing person. They are also working with coroners around the state to find out exactly how many deaths are still listed as a Jane or John Doe.

The other change is that in future missing persons cases identifying information such as DNA, dental records and photos will be collected if the person remains missing after 30 days. This length of time was chosen because most people who disappear willingly are found in the first month.

This change is important not just because it gives more families answers, but because the increased focus on missing person's cases may help solve murders. Once the authorities know who a murder victim is, they have a better chance of finding the murderer.


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