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Rape Interrupted But No Evidence of Rape

The women who interrupted the alleged assault which isn't resulting in any charges because of lack of evidence are speaking up.

The three young women were bored by the party on South Buena Vista Avenue last March 3. For every guy, there were three girls, and many of them were young.

Alcohol flowed from a makeshift bar in the kitchen - beer, vodka and plastic bags of wine slurped down in a routine called "slap the bladder."

The three, all soccer players at De Anza College, were about to leave around 12:30 a.m. when a girl they didn't know gestured to a room off the kitchen and said, "Hey,
there's eight guys in that room with one girl."

Thinking that was strange, the soccer players - April Grolle, Lauren Chief Elk, and Lauren Bryeans, all 20, knocked on the French doors to the room, which were being held shut from within.

A De Anza college baseball player opened the door about three inches. "You girls don't know what the f--- is going on," they remember him saying. "Get the
f--- out of here."

This isn't a description of women discovering a gang rape, this is a description of men being victimized. That's the baseball team's pitcher's story and he's sticking to it.

For anyone who doesn't understand, let me make it clear. When you have to hold the door shut and screen your actions, you know you've crossed the line. Forget any of the excuses. I've heard them all.

When you are interrupted and the girl or woman cannot speak for herself that she is a full willing participant, that shows that she isn't. She may be nothing to you and you may hope she is nothing to those who become aware of what you are doing, but she is not nothing.

Those who do this are the ones who made themselves worthless.

You know what you are doing. You know -- even if you refuse to give it the correct label: rape.

You knew before that night because you probably hoped that the booze and the party would lead to what happened that night -- some girl getting so drunk that you could use her like a toy -- up until those rude women interrupted your fun.

Being caught in the act is not being the victim of a witch hunt, it is being a perpetrator and/or an accessory to a serious crime. If you become a suspect because of the sexual violence committed by someone near you, blame the rapists for your predicament. Don't blame the victim or those who braved a situation which had the potential to turn the violence against them. Don't whine about those overzealous prosecutors.

This isn't political correctness run amok, it isn't feminism run amok. It is human decency. If you don't have it, the fault is yours not those who assumed you were incapable of rape or incapable of standing there watching a friend commit rape.

That this behavior is nothing new and is in fact far too common is no excuse. It isn't the victim's fault because she should have assumed that the men at that party were predators. If you prey on others the responsibility for your actions belongs to you and those who aid and abet you, it doesn't belong to your intended targets.

This crime is no less serious than if the victim had been hit from behind with a crowbar and snatched from the parking lot of a mall.

Making excuses for rapists who use alcohol as a weapon supports rape. Period.

It's like those who are addicted to legal drugs who say that they are better than drug addicts hooked on illegal drugs. This is nothing more than a way to deny a very ugly truth. As with the drug addiction, nothing will change as long as the lie continues.

If you use alcohol to incapacitate your victims that is a form of violence just as much as the rapist who knocks a jogger unconscious. It doesn't matter whether your intended victim knew how much alcohol she was drinking or whether someone pushed more alcohol in her than she wanted.

That truth isn't magically transformed into a lie because so many people don't want to believe people like you could be "real" rapists or because they continue to blame the victim for your conscious choices. If it hadn't been this victim, you would have kept looking until you found another one.

The only advice I would give people who encounter a situation where someone is incoherent or knocked out to the point of having vomit on them is to not take the victim out of the situation like these women did when they drove her to a hospital.

Call 911 immediately.

Forget embarrassment, this could be a life threatening situation for the victim either because of alcohol poisoning or a drug overdose.

In case the paramedics need to find out if the victim was given any substance besides alcohol try to prevent the witnesses from leaving. Calling 911 may save a life and it may also preserve the crime scene. Once you leave with the victim, those who are guilty will do their best to cover their tracks.

This crime was preventable and those who should have prevented it were the perpetrators and wannabe perpetrators. Those people are also the ones who deserve our scorn and our lectures. As long as the perpetrators believe they have free run to rape, no prevention effort aimed at potential victims will make a significant difference.

Lecturing rape victims only supports rapists belief that their rationalization of "she asked for it" is true and supports their claim that they aren't rapists. I'd rather support rape victims than rapists.

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At May 25, 2007 2:54 PM, Anonymous Renali said...

So apparently, no matter how much evidence you have, there's never enough evidence to charge white college atheletes with rape because some rich white college atheletes at Duke managed to get away with it. Great.

Rape is not illegal. men and boys have a free pass to terrorize women and girls. And America has the gall to lambasted Muslim countries for their treatment of women.

We are no better.

At May 25, 2007 6:59 PM, Blogger Cara said...

This is, in fact, patriarchy and misogyny run amok, though.

Great post.


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