Sunday, May 13, 2007

Risky Businesses Of Their Type

Crime Psych blog has a post titled Understanding Risky Facilities about a report by Ronald Clarke and John Eck which looked at the phenomenon where crimes are concentrated within a small segment of a type of business or organization.

During my time as a volunteer victim's advocate answering the crisis line, I saw this related to bars. Some places definitely appeared to be much more dangerous when it came to the possibility that a patron of the establishment would be raped within hours or minutes of leaving.

Since most rapes aren't reported it was impossible to know if those named establishments were the most dangerous or if they were only the most dangerous to those who would contact law enforcement. One thing is certain, more study is needed to find out if rate of reports correlated to rates of crime and if our response to risky facilities will get at the root cause of the crimes linked to those facilities.

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At May 14, 2007 6:56 AM, Blogger sailorman said...

Wasn't it you who once suggested some sort of publicly available statistic (or sign) that would reflect how many assaults/rapes/etc has happened at a facility? I remember thinking that was a nifty idea. Some places are just more dangerous that others , and you can't always easily tell.


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