Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Women Lie About Rape Mantra

When people repeat the saying, "women lie about rape," they mean women lie about being raped. But in this case the woman charged with perjury allegedly lied to help a man charged with serious sex crimes.

That doesn't fit the agenda of those who keep repeating "women lie about rape." Their agenda is one of rape denial.

A Newark woman was arrested for the second time in a month on charges related to her common-law husband's molestation charges. Adrian E. Wood, 39, of Newark, was arrested Tuesday and charged with perjury on suspicion of lying under oath at the rape trial of Loren L. Nethers.

Wood is facing a third-degree felony perjury charge in connection with what she told the court last week under oath. She allegedly said she hadn't spoken to the victims in regard to their testimonies, while testifying on Nethers' behalf. Licking County Assistant Prosecutor Dan Huston said he warned Wood of the consequences not telling the truth.

"She chose to lie under oath during cross examination," Huston said. "The issue was whether she had pressured the girls regarding their testimony. She denied doing it, but we have evidence from the jail calls to the contrary."

It's interesting that those who live by the "women lie about rape" mantra don't acknowledge that women can lie to benefit rapists. When a woman says she knows an accused rapist is innocent these people immediately demand that everyone believe her.

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