Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Catching Rapists Can Protect More Than Women

So often when people talk about the danger that rapists pose to public safety they are only thinking about potential rapes and women's safety if they become targets of these rapists.

But as this case in Niagara, New York shows, Darren Bradberry who was recently convicted of a 1997 rape went on to fatally shoot a man during a 2005 bar robbery attempt. It was only the conviction on the manslaughter charges which allowed the earlier crime to be solved through a DNA match.

Many rapes have more clues than this one and don't result in convictions because of human error and/or lax attitudes about sex crimes.

In these 2 crimes this man was a stranger to his victims, but those who will rape people they know are also people who have proven that they are willing to hurt others they know. Men have a false sense of security if they believe that the so-called non-violent rapists can't turn on them.

The way the sex crimes are committed likely will match the way the non-sex crimes will be committed so the rapist who waits for his rape victims to fall asleep or pass out will be completely trustworthy to his friends when they are together and awake. Maybe he will slip a few bills out of his friends' wallets. Maybe he will find nice items he can sell online. Maybe he will borrow his friend's debit card whenever he knows his friend will be too drunk to remember that he didn't make that withdrawal.

Or maybe when this rapist is planning to rape someone he meets, he will use his buddy's name instead of his own so his soon to be falsely accused friend won't have a clue about who the perpetrator of that injustice really is.

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